Shropshire place-names ending in "-ford".

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A dissertation submitted by
Susan Laflin
as part of the requirements for the degree of
MA in English Local History.
January 2001


Chapter One: Ford place-names in Shropshire.
Chapter Two: Fords and the road network.
Chapter Three: Fords and the settlement pattern.
Appendix One: Details of the sixty-three sites visited.
Appendix Two: Design of Associated Database.
Appendix Three: Roman Roads in Shropshire.


I wish to express my gratitude to those who have helped me during this study. Firstly thanks are due to Dr Margaret Gelling, who had the original idea and provided encouragement and expert advice throughout; secondly to my supervisor, Professor Christopher Dyer, for his advice and guidance; thirdly to Mr W.E.Jenks who accompanied me on several expeditions to ford sites and also shared his local knowledge; and last but not least to my husband, Philip C. Barker for his support and encouragement.