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Details of the one-day conference A Tribute to Margaret Gelling may be seen here.

Since retiring, I have completed an MA in English Local History, which was awarded in July 2001, and the dissertation title was Shropshire Place-Names ending in "-ford". I have continued my studies in the place-names and local history of Shropshire and some results of my research may be seen here.

In 2002, my paper on "Roman Roads and Ford Place-Names in Shropshire" was published in the Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society.

In 2003, a paper entitled "Do -ingas Place-Names occur in pairs?" was published in the Journal of the English Place-Name Society.

I am also continuing with my study of Ford Place Names and the information will be made available online in due course.

My one-name studies of Preen and Laflin also include an interest in the origins of these names. LAFLIN is probably an Irish name referring to Norwegian immigrants who moved to Suffolk around 1400 and have been there ever since. PREEN is probably a locative surname, derived from the Domesday manor of Prene in Shropshire, which lies in Ape Dale just north of Wenlock Edge.

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