Farewell Dinner. 30th November 2000.

On her 60th birthday, a few weeks after her retirement from the School of Computer Science, the School gave a farewell dinner for Susan Laflin, to which past and present members of staff were invited. The following pictures were taken at the event. The quality is poor because the light was dim, but they give an idea of the event.

The first picture was taken in the bar before the dinner and shows several of those present. They were (left to right) Susan and her husband Philip Barker, John Barnden (in front of Philip), Lydia Kronsjo, Tom Axford, and Uday Reddi between two unidentifiable heads.

The next picture was taken during the meal, when Susan was presented with a birthday cake and asked to blow out the candles. Others in the picture were John Barnden, Susan, Philip and Lydia Kronsjo.

The next picture shows a more general view of the room. On the left may be seen Jim Yandle, Peter Coxhead, Uday Reddi & his wife, John Barnden was bending down to find the present, Susan, Philip, Lydia Kronsjo, Tom Axford and on the right Donald Peterson.

The next picture shows John Barnden presenting Susan with a card and book token. The book token, a very generous one, allowed Susan to purchase two useful reference books for her later research in local and family history.

The Bouquet. This was too large to fit into her flat and so was placed in the communal entrance hall and was enjoyed by both Susan and her neighbours for several weeks.